Laughter is the sun that drives the winter from the human face.
Victor Hugo 1802-1885

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  • Parents of children with disabilities navigating the system.

    Earlier this year I was lucky enough to do some training with a wonderful group comprised mostly of parents and carers of children with disabilities. Parenting is challenging at the best of times, a fact I was reminded of, after spending last weekend with my energetic 3-year old grandson.The parent with a child on the […]

  • Inclusion please.


      To understand  improved outcomes for indigenous students is to embrace and understand inclusion.  A recent trip to Uluru for meetings and consultancy on this topic exposed some poor practices in some mainstream schools in the Northern Territory.  Excluding students because of their expected challenging behaviour  does little to address the crisis in juvenile justice […]

  • Holidays!

    With half the school year over it’s a good time to reflect on how things are progressing with our students. Engagement is the key factor for minimising behavioural outbursts. I was reminded of the need for a bit of levity and power sharing in the student-teacher relationship with these findings on communication style. make em […]